Perspectives Travel is a full service travel planning and travel concierge company specializing in designing highly customized, detailed oriented travel experiences with the singular goal of understanding each client as an individual.

We have relationships with partners in every facet of travel including hotel, rail, cruise, tour, air, travel protection, and concierge style services. Our mission is to utilize our global network to create authentic, curated trips for discerning travelers, enabling busy professionals, globetrotters, and adventure seekers the ability to focus solely on the excitement of their journey knowing that the logistics have been meticulously planned.

Perspectives Travel specializes in luxury, group, and executive travel, domestically and abroad.  


Let’s go!

The premise of Perspectives Travel is simple—planning one’s own travel can be exhausting, time consuming, and plagued with uncertainty. I thrive on planning, organizing, and researching to provide clients with travel experiences where memories and stories linger long after return from the journey. Whether you know exactly where you want to go, want to get started on your bucket list, need assistance with an executive retreat, or are ready for an immersive, extended trip, Perspectives Travel can help.

We plan travel that changes your perspective. 

Positano, Italy

why HIRE A travel advisor?

You’re busy and the world is large. Perspectives Travel does all of the research, comparisons, review reading, concierge chatting, and Google mapping so that you can just pack a bag and go. We thrive on learning our clients interests and creating experiences that inspire.

Paris, France

start planning

Perspectives Travel can help you at any stage in your planning. From help selecting a destination and itinerary to tapping into our exclusive networks for an upgrade at that hotel on your bucket list. Our goal is to create a stress free experience and to get you excited about your next trip.

French Quarter, New Orleans

new orleans

Perspectives Travel is headquartered in New Orleans, and because of this we’ve played host, tour guide, and concierge for friends and family since 2012. Now it’s our honor to introduce the city to our clients in an authentic, local way. We have a local’s insight that you won’t find in a guide book.


Our affiliations with MTravel and Virtuoso allow us to offer competitive pricing, and access to exclusive amenities, and upgrades. MTravel is a top 11 travel company and Virtuoso is an invitation only luxury consortium that represents the best of the best in worldwide travel.


Can I access special fares on my own? What kind of bird is that in the logo? What about complex trips? You have questions and we have answers. Don’t see the answer that you’re looking for? Fill out the contact form and we promise to get back to you much faster than your lost luggage.


a frequent flyer since 1982

I was born in September of 1982. The same year my parents enrolled me in U.S. Air’s Dividend Miles program. I truly believe that moment set my destiny in motion. In the past 36 years I have traveled to 25 countries, from Cuba to Japan, and explored the U.S. from coast to coast.