Will work for travel

The idea for Perspectives Travel started in 2017 after a voyage on the Adriatic Sea. As a lifelong traveler, I have had opportunities to visit many countries and sites, but something was different and magical about this European trip. The memorable and culturally rich experience changed my perspective about the world, transforming me forever.  I returned from the trip with a desire to create similar life-changing travel experiences for others.  Once home, I immediately crafted a plan to open a boutique travel consulting company specializing in custom travel experiences.

In my fifteen years of working in corporate retail, marketing, and branding, including positions at several Fortune 500 companies I was the employee that utilized ALL of her vacation time. To me it wasn’t important where I was going, it could be a weekend trip to Hampton, Virginia for homecoming, a two week trip to French Polynesia with my husband, touring Bangkok with classmates from my M.B.A. program, or just playing tourist in my adopted hometown of New Orleans when family came to visit. What was important to me were the little details that created memorable experiences, like the tour guide that took me to the restaurant where locals actually eat, the hotel concierge who remembered it was my second stay and sent up a bottle of champagne, and the cruise attendant who transformed a towel into an elephant because we talked Alabama football on the way to the cabin.

Now, think about what made your last trip memorable. Did you discover the best meal on the last day, or drive past an interesting art gallery on your way to the airport? What if you’d found that memorable experience on day one, how many times would you have gone back, how much time would you have saved searching for it? As your travel advisor, itinerary curator, and industry insider my job is to learn your preferences, and create a personalized experience utilizing my expertise and network so that you spend more time experiencing and less time stressing. I do all of the research, planning, and procurement so that you can simply show up and enjoy.

I am thrilled that you’ve found Perspectives Travel, and I look forward to working with you on your next adventure!