Savvy travelers want unmatched experiences and realize that although there are many self-service booking websites, if you are planning a complex trip, extremely busy, or lack attention to detail, these sites can cost you more money. When you use a self-service website you also have to spend a significant amount of time thinking about details like layovers, time zone changes, and visa requirements.

Perspectives Travel solves this conundrum for our clients by using our expertise, industry knowledge and connections to book and manage travel efficiently. Our relationships and resources allow Perspectives Travel to provide top tier services at a price that is competitive and with the added stability of utilizing Virtuoso properties, which distinguish themselves by a high level of customer service and exclusive perks and upgrades.

The process is easy—and more importantly, fun!

We understand that customer satisfaction matters in every interaction, and the Perspectives Travel philosophy is to:

  • Exceed expectations in all facets of what we do

  • Respect the customs and culture of the destination

  • Deliver experiences that create repeat clients.


Step 1: Let’s chat.


I like to get to know my clients as individuals, so the we can determine if your needs are a good fit for the services that I offer. We’ll have a 20 minute consultation to discuss your travel history, travel preferences, goal of the trip, and what you want to avoid. I’ll also share with you my fees, next steps, and give you a timeline for planning the trip.


Step 2: Pen to paper.


After our call I’ll present you with an agreement that outlines all planning fees associated with your trip. Once we agree to work together, I roll up my sleeves and get to work finding exactly what you want and offering up some suggestions for things that you didn’t even know you wanted! I’ll plan, you’ll relax and we’ll touch base for me to present you with your options.


Step 3: Let’s book it.


This is what we’ve been working towards. You hand over all of that fun information like your frequent flyer, TSA Precheck, and passport numbers, and we get you booked. As a white glove agency we book everything from when you lock your front door to when you return. This ensures that nothing is forgotten, so all you have to do is get excited and pack.

Step 4: It’s go time!

Your bags are packed and it’s time to depart. I’m available to you at anytime during your travels and will have contacted all of the suppliers on your trip to make sure that they’re ready to greet you with open arms. You’ll have a way to get in touch with me during your travels and I’ll be waiting to hear all about your trip when you return.


Step 5: Tell me what you think.

Our goal is to exceed expectations and to make all clients repeat clients. I need your feedback to improve your next trip and to guide the client who saw your Instagram posts and wants to eat at the same cute cafe. You’ll receive a brief survey so you can provide honest feedback, and we’ll ask you to share and tag your travel photos with @perspectives_travel on Instagram and @perspectivestravel on Facebook.


Step 6: Do it all over again!

Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash

We can start chatting about your next trip as soon as you’re back. It’s never too early to begin destination planning, and we can organize weekend getaways to fulfill your wanderlust until the next big adventure. We have a solid roster of repeat clients, which in our opinion is the best review of all. See their posts on social media, or ask to read our post trip evaluations, we’re happy to share!