Perspectives Travel is a full service travel planning and travel concierge company that works with clients at all stages in the planning and booking process. Our services include helping clients select a destination and planning every detail, crafting itineraries based on interests for travel that has already been secured, and advising clients on documentation like passports, visa requirements, and airport logistics. Through a series of conversations Perspectives Travel will match your travel goals, budget, and personal preferences with an itinerary or package that meets your needs. We are travel generalists and have the expertise to perfectly execute any kind of trip, from beachside family vacations to mountainside executive retreats.


At Perspectives Travel we don’t outsource or automate any of the research or planning that we conduct for our clients. You pay for a devoted travel advisor who will craft a customized trip just for you. Share your preferences just one time, and let us tap into our worldwide industry connections, while paying prices that are typically at or slightly better than self-service sites with the added value of personalized service. Spend less time planning and more time looking forward to what we guarantee will be a meticulously planned trip.

fees explained

1. Customized Travel Planning- Perspectives Travel will arrange customized travel experiences inclusive of all hotels, transportation, tours, activities, excursions, and dining. Read more about the process here.

When you choose to work with Perspectives Travel for your customized trip every aspect of your trip will be planned from when you arrive at your gate to when you return. This includes: planning sessions, destination research, personalized daily itineraries, packing lists, destination guides, and 24 hour travel support. Travel insurance is also available, and is always recommended.

Initial 20 minute consultations are always complimentary. The fee for customized trip planning starts at $150, and is dependent on the complexity of the trip, length of the trip, and number of people traveling. 

2. Travel Concierge Services- Already booked your trip but don’t know what to do when you get there? I thrive on the details and will learn about your travel style so that we can create an itinerary, secure reservations, or book activities, excursions, and transportation.

Itinerary curation starts at $75 per trip and is dependent on complexity of trip, length of the trip, and number of people traveling.

3. Hotel, Cruise, Rail, Car- There is no fee if you have identified your hotel, cruise, rail or car preference, and would like assistance with booking. As a Virtuoso member I am able to provide my clients who book hotels and cruises that are Virtuoso partners VIP recognition and amenities that typically include preferred rates, room upgrades, daily breakfast, hotel or spa credit, early check in, late check out, and complimentary WiFi at no additional cost. I also have access to blocked spaces on cruises and can often secure cabins that appear sold out to the general public.

Groups over 20 booking hotels, rail, and cruises may be eligible to receive additional discounts and amenities.

If research is required for hotel, cruise, rail, or car bookings in order to find you the perfect match there is a $50 fee per quote. For all Airbnb bookings there is a $50 fee.

4. Air- Perspectives Travel has access to an advisor-only booking engine for air travel that allows us to provide competitive fares for international flights. Domestic air is only booked in conjunction with another service provided by Perspectives Travel (e.g. hotel, cruise, car).

International airfare booking starts at $40 per passenger and is dependent on complexity of trip and number of people traveling. Domestic airfare booking is $10 per passenger.

5. DIY with perks- For those who want to ensure their getting great value, but may not need the expertise of an advisor I have a booking site that allows you to access negotiated rates for hotel, cruise, and car bookings with no fee. These rates are typically favorable to booking directly through the hotel’s website or on an online booking site.