When new travel fees fly under the radar

There has been lots of debate about what modern day travel agents should be called. Some people call themselves travel designers, others are curators, when I launched Perspectives Travel I decided that advisor was the most descriptive term for what I do. I advise my clients on the travel experience that is in line with their goals, preferences, and need.

A while back I was interviewed by a reporter for the Washington Post about how my clients have reacted to new travel fees. Usually when people come to me it’s because they are either too busy to plan their trip, or because they want the expertise of someone in the travel industry. When you think about the investment that you make in a single trip, it makes sense that you’d want to have a professional on your side. Talking to my clients about travel fees is probably one of the least glamorous but most necessary parts of my job. It requires me to go through the minutia of the fine print and explain to my clients that paying x will get them y.

My advice to clients is always the same. If you’re going to pay a daily fee for a resort fee, use the amenities that are included. Also, confirm that you understand any additional fees, and ask what can be paid upfront so that you’re not stuck with a surprise bill at the end of an amazing trip. Read the full article at http://bit.ly/perspectivestravel.

Amina Dearmon