Why an annual friend's trip should be on your calendar


With limited vacation time it may seem like the best travel plan is to go solo or with your partner or spouse. While these are all perfectly fine options you may be forgetting someone who you probably see less frequently than your significant other and who also probably has known you longer… your best friend.

For the past 3 years I’ve taken semi-annual girls trips, first with my sister, her bestie, and my bestie to Asheville, North Carolina and most recently with just my bestie to Sedona, Arizona. As a physician, mom of two young kids, and general boss she had some apprehension about leaving all of her responsibilities behind to yoga hike, get massages, and buy crystals with me. But by the time we left she was already talking about her return trip to Sedona and putting our next girl’s trip on the calendar because it was exactly what the doctor ordered, no pun intended!

My tips for planning a friendcation are below:

  • Look for nonstop flights to the destination for all travelers- Nonstop flights reduce the chance that someone will miss their layover or get delayed. They also just make for a more pleasant travel experience.

  • Coordinate your flights so that you all land around the same time- This cuts down on anyone having to wait for the rest of the crew to show up plus if you’re renting a car you can add the other drivers if you’re all together.

  • Pick a destination that is no more than a 2 hour drive from the nearest airport- If you are all coming from big cities and want an escape an easy solution is to fly into the main airport and then drive to your destination. A 2 hour drive means you can land on an early morning flight and still be at your destination by lunch time.

  • Let each friend pick one activity- Your interests may not be as in sync as they were in high school so if everyone picks a group activity then everyone will be happy. Ours included a salt cave, a Sephora visit, dinner at an Indian restaurant, and seeing a scary movie. We all did something we may not have tried on our own and it made it more fun that we were doing it together.

  • Use a Doodle poll to find the best date for everyone- The thought of back and forth emails may have some friends ready to bow out before the destination has even been picked. Eliminate the email chain by sending out a free Doodle poll to determine exactly which weekend is best for the group.

Want more destinations and tips that are perfect for a girl’s or guy’s getaway? Contact me here.

Amina Dearmon