Direct destinations: Nonstop travel from New Orleans, Tampa edition


Tampa, Florida is probably not the first destination that you think of when you think Florida. It tends to be overshadowed by glitzier Miami and the Disney Mecca in Orlando. While I’ve only visited Tampa twice and there was a three year gap in between I have to vouch for the city as a locale that you should add to your must visit list. Tampa shares a climate similar to New Orleans and a whatever your interest is you can find it here experience which led me to endless tours of mid century modern bungalows and private tours of Art Deco inspired theaters.

Being surrounded by water Tampa also has amazing seafood, beautiful beaches and a vibe that’s a cross between Southern California chill and hipster Crown Heights. Think a 90’s bar called Gen X down the street from a waterfront Irish Pub. In the three years since I visited Tampa a lot has changed but the city was still easy to navigate, people were still friendly, and a meal at Bern’s still came with three courses and two sides.

My Tampa favorites are below and I can promise you it won’t be three years before I return!

Tampa Theater

Armature Works

Gen X

Bern’s Steak House


Salt Shack

Yummy House

Amina Dearmon