How to pick your next vacation destination


The world is large, and with all the information, Instagram feeds, and travel blogs we have access to it can be hard to figure out where to go for your next vacation. As a travel professional it’s my job to help clients figure out where they should go and there are a few methods that I like to use. Try the below if you’re stumped on how to choose between Cabo and Casablanca.

  1. Make a mental or written list of the places that you’ve already visited

  2. Do you have interest in going back to any of those locales or do you want to go somewhere new?

  3. If you want a return trip to a previously visited destination pick out a few things that you’d like to do again, but then focus on finding new sites, restaurants, and activities that you didn’t do last time.

  4. If you choose to pick a new destination think about how much time you’re taking for the trip, and then narrow down destinations that you can get to either quickly or ones that you can spend a lot of time visiting.

  5. Next, think about your goal for the trip, do you want to relax, are you seeking adventure, are you going to learn a new skill? Try to match your location to your goal. Don’t go to a land locked city if you want to lounge at a beach!

  6. This is a great time to contact Perspectives Travel! While we work with clients at all stages of the travel planning process, when clients have honed in on their goals, and destination it allows us to jump right in to the planning process. We can often turn around hotel, tours, and transportation options within a week of receiving a request, so that much needed vacation can happen sooner than later.

  7. You save the average 10-20 hours of time it takes to research a trip, and can spend more time thinking about your next vacation, and the one after that!

Amina Dearmon