A New Orleanian's Guide to St. Louis

Sister cities are a concept that began after WWII to connect people from different cultures and countries who may have previously been at war with one another, and to encourage trade and tourism. Many cities have sister cities that are located in other countries but there is also a long history of sister cities within the United States. Both sharing the Mississippi River, St. Louis and New Orleans have similarities that go back to 1763 when St. Louis was founded. Sold by the French to the U.S. as part of the Louisiana purchase St. Louis became the capital and was considered a gateway to the new territory.

So why should New Orleanians go north?

St. Louis is home to one of the largest free museum systems in the country. The zoo is free as is the history museum, science center, art museum, and economy museum along with a dozen other sites and attractions. St. Louis also has a Major League Baseball team so if you’re still stewing over the Baby Cakes departure head to Ballpark Village and watch the Cardinals play.

There’s a lot of good food in New Orleans and there’s a lot of good barbeque in New Orleans, but there is also a reason there’s a whole barbeque method known as St. Louis barbeque. A personal favorite is Salt and Smoke which is located on The Loop and reminds me of Magazine Street. Every St. Louisian has a favorite barbeque spot just like every New Orleanian has a favorite po boy shop. Ask around and you’ll get to sample some of the best in the city.

St. Louis may be one of the most fun cities to get to from New Orleans because you can boat there and fly back. American Cruise Lines offers 10 night Mississippi Gateway sailings that stop in quaint towns and larger cities like Baton Rouge and Memphis. Stay at the newly opened Angard Arts Hotel where you can pick your room by color or opt for the soon to be open Last Hotel in a former shoe manufacturing plant where Tennessee Williams once worked (another New Orleans connection).

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Amina Dearmon