Everything you need to do before you go on vacation

There’s so much to do before you depart! This handy checklist will make it easier to get it all done so that you can focus on the fun.

·       Hold mail

·       Call credit card company

·       Call alarm company

·       Leave spare key and itinerary with a friend

·       Put lights on a timer

·       Water plants

·       Pre-pay any bills that may be due while you’re traveling

·       Print pet vaccinations and vet contact for pet sitter

·       Check luggage size against airline specifications

·       Exchange money into foreign currency

·       Print exchange rate cheat sheet

·       Practice language skills with Duolingo app

·       Download Google Translator or iTranslate app

·       Download maps on Google Maps

·       Download music to listen to offline while flying

·       Set thermostat to away mode or change presets

·       Pack a laundry bag for dirty clothes and a luggage lock if you’ll be storing your luggage

·       Check with your cell phone provider about international coverage and fees

·       Determine if you’ll need to bring an adaptor to charge your devices

·       Perspectives Travel will make sure that you’re aware of any travel advisories

Amina Dearmon